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Multi-functional Solar Rechargeable Flashlight

Product Description

Product Specification
●Product Size:L200*W65*H32mm
●Light Source:1*Cree XPE White LED(3W, Front)+10*SMD White Light(3W, Side)+10*SMD Red LED(3W, Side)
●Luminous Flux:200lm(Front)+60lm(Side)
●Lighting Mode:Lighting Mode1: 1 Front White LED 100% Bright-1 Front White LED 50% Bright-1 Front White LED Strobe-OFF
                        Lighting Mode2: Side SMD White LED 100% Bright-Side SMD White LED 50% Bright-OFF
                        Lighting Mode3: Side SMD Red LED Fast Flash-Side SMD Red LED Slow Flash-OFF
●Power Supply:1*18650 Li-ion Battery(3.7V,1600mAh Included)+Solar Panel
Charge Way:USB charging or Solar Charging
Full Charing:Time:3-6hours
Work Time:13-16hours(depends on light mode)
●Main Material:Aluminum Alloy(Body)+PC(Lampshade)+Titanium Steel(Safety-hammer)
●Print Logo:Yes
●Safety Bammer:Yes     

:Flashlight/Emergency White Flash/Emergency Red Flash/Work light/Safety Hammer/Seat Belt Cutter/Magnet/Compas
                 USB Charging/Mobile phone Charging/Solar Charging

1.Front lights are full bright,semi-bright,strobe,US cree 3W leds

2.Side using 10 white SMD LED,Single 0.2W 10 pieces of  foot 2W(there are two full bright and semi -bright mode) when side light working part of light energy can be coverted electrical energy ,through solar pannels 

3.Side using 1o bright red  led led ,wave lenght 620-625 (there are 2 flash and slow flash mode ) 

4.The left side of head with a high hardness alloy safety hammer ,can easily shattered window glass 

5.The right side of the head with a cutting knife ,in case of emergency can be easily cut to bring safe escape 

6.At the same time on the back of the head with a magnetic  ,it can be easily adsorbed on the car shell or iron Easy to use 

7.Using monocrystalline silcon solar panel 5v 500 MAH you can charge the bulit -in battery 

8.Unscrew the rear bottom of the international generic andrews charging iinterface ,bulit-in battery can be charged

9.Tail with a compass ,easy to use outdoors (compass to magnetic induction was not close to the steel parts ,because the tail flashlight with USB Charging port ,so when using the pointer needle is selected from the flashlight down more accurate )

10.At the same time flashlight with USB Output ,can charge for mobile phones and other digital devices while on the go Front light

It can used as hiking, camping, outdoor party,climbing,picnic etc.

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