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Ultra Slim 4mm/5mm SMD2835 LED Flexible Strip

Voltage: DC12V/DC24V

PCB Width: 4mm/5mm

LED Type: Samsung or Osram SMD2835

LED Quantity/Meter: 60LEDs/120LEDs

Wattage/Meter: 60LEDs-7W/M                 
Lumen/Meter:  60LEDs-1600LM/M

Lighting Color: 12000K,10000K,8000K,6000K,4000K,3000K,2500K,Red,Blue,Green,Pink,Yellow,Purple,Ice Blue,Orange,Lemon Yellow etc
IP Grade: IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68
Colour Rendering Index: RA85,RA90,RA95

Lifespan: 50000 Hours


Brand or logo can be printed at the LED Strip PCB

Product Description

Product Specification
● Model:GN-T2603-4mm(4mm width,60LEDs/M)
              GN-T2603-5mm(5mm width,60LEDs/M)
              GN-T21203-4mm(4mm width,120LEDs/M)
              GN-T21203-5mm(5mm width,120LEDs/M)
● Work Voltage:DC12V/DC24V
● PCB Width:4mm/5mm
● LED Type:SMD2835
● Chip Brand:Samsung or Osram
● LED Quantity:60LEDs/120LEDs each Meter
Wattage/Meter:60LEDs-7W/M   120LEDs-10W/M
● Lighting Color:12000K,10000K,8000K,6000K,4000K,3000K,2500K,Red,Blue,Green,Pink,Yellow,Purple,Ice Blue,Orange,Lemon Yellow etc
● Waterproof IP Rate:IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68
● Material
:3oz or 4oz double FPC PCB
● Beam Angel:120°
● Package

● Weight:0.1kg/5meters roll
● Work Temperature:-40-70℃
● Warranty:5 years or 10 years warranty


● Famous brand Samsung or Osram big size chips for SMD2835,less wattage but more lumen for each LED,higher brightness than 90% SMD2835 LEDs.
● Ultra slim small PCB width only 4mm or 5mm,very suitable for some small or tiny installation place.
● Gold wire copper base chip make it longger lifespan up to 50,000 hours and less light decay after 5- 10years,more durable or stable performance
● Light color can keep continuing and same always,no changing color for 15 years.
SDCM≤5 each BIN,good color conformity.
● Higher Colour Rendering Index(CRI),RA85/RA90/RA95 for different options.
● 3oz and 4oz double layer copper FPC PCB,much thicker than 2oz or less oz pcb.3oz and 4oz can make the LED strip less voltage drop,less heat,
   much better in bendable performance also,not easy to break the PCB.
● 3M 300LSE tape or red/blue thermal conductive adhesive tape attached at the LED Strip back,stronger stickness when install on metal,wood,plastic,wall etc difference place.
● CE,RoHS and UL certified


● Mini sign channel letter,irregular signage letter,corner sign etc place.
City lighting,landscape lighting,commercial lighting and house contour lighting etc.